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candyRefined Confectioners Glazes

Parker’s Refined Confectioners Glazes are offered in a wide range of solids to meet all of your standard product requirements. They impart a hard glossy film to a variety of great looking candies.

Sure Gloss Glazes

Parker’s Sure Gloss Confectioners Glazes are designed to impart a smooth uniform finishing gloss on all types of confections in conventional and automated pans. The flow and uniformity of Sure Gloss glazes make them particularly effective on detailed pieces like mallow creams & pieces which require a mirror like gloss such as gum balls & smooth chocolates.

Refined Confectioners Glazes
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Refined Confectioners Glazes are composed of pure food grade LAC resins and specially denatured alcohols. They are widely used for all types of conventionally panned confections.
Refined Confectioners #2 21.5 +/-1 Amber Solution
Refined Confectioners #3 30 +/-1 Amber Solution
Refined Confectioners #4 35 +/-1 Amber Solution
Refined Confectioners #5 42 +/-1 Amber Solution
Sure Gloss Glazes
Sure Gloss Glazes have the following specific product benefits – uniform high gloss finish, can be applied by ladle, drip or airless spray systems, spreads rapidly and dries quickly, flexible film allows for continuous tumble drying, ideal for high volume, reduced tackiness allows for a smooth mirror like finish.
Sure Gloss #2 22 +/-1 Light Amber Solution
Sure Gloss #3.5 33 +/-1 Amber Solution
Sure Gloss SW3-A 29.5 +/-1.5 Creamy White Solution
Carnauba Wax
Powdered Refined Carnauba Wax NA Off White/Pale Yellow