Parker Ingredients, LLC

Manufacturer and Distributor of Confectionery and Pharmaceutical Coatings

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Parker Ingredients LLC. is a global coatings leader with facilities in North America and Asia, manufacturing edible coatings and specialty products for the confectionery, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, cosmetic, and food industries.

Our Product Managers will be at the show and are excited for the opportunity to review product specification requirements and/or product functionality needed.

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Organic, Low Voc, Faster Drying, Center Sealing, Scuff Resistance, Flavored or Scented glazes, & more.

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What Food Grade Shellac does

Providing protection from moisture and thus extending shelf-life of a product, food grade shellac is an overlay that not only enhances a product’s appearance, but delivers a firm finishing film for the pre-print coatings. For pharmaceuticals, food grade shellac supports swallowing bitter tablets. Food grade shellac is also known as confectioner’s glaze, confectioner’s resin, natural glaze, and resinous glaze, when applied in food and confections. The USFDA has labeled the food grade shellac as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). It is used widely as a glaze on multiple food items such as chewing gum, jelly beans/candy fruits, and coffee beans, etc. Additionally, it is used widely as a pharmaceutical glaze as the enteric coating for capsules and tablets by the drug and the nutritional supplement industry.

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Tony DePrado Joins the Parker Ingredients Team

Tony DePrado
Joins the Parker Ingredients Team

tonyParker Ingredients LLC, a solely owned subsidiary of Kane International Corporation, announced that Tony DePrado has joined the team. Tony has taken direct responsibility for technical sales and marketing of Parker’s confectionery and pharmaceutical glaze businesses. This strategic move is a clear signal to our customers and the entire industry that Parker Ingredients continues to make a major commitment to the North American confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help Parker better serve its confectionery and pharmaceutical glaze customers. Parker Ingredients has a long history and a unique vertically integrated international supply position which allows for the consistent delivery of quality shellac products. This Parker advantage will be greatly enhanced with Tony’s sixteen plus years in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. From his early technical sales days at Mantrose-Haeuser working hands-on in the chocolate and sugar panning rooms, as well as, providing wax based solutions used in starch moguls across North America, Tony really knows the business from the ground up. Tony also worked the distribution side of the Food, Beverage and Confectionery industries as a sales executive for Atlantic Chemical Trading Company.

Parker Ingredients is a privately held company with offices located in Rye, New York. The development labs & manufacturing facilities are located in St. Louis, Missouri. The glaze facility is BRC certified. Our parent company, Kane International is a partner in an ISO 9001 certified shellac manufacturing operation outside of Ranchi India.

We are proud and excited to have Tony DePrado join our team. Tony can be reached at: